A unique medieval village in the Costa Brava, an exquisite journey to the Middle Ages.

Peratallada, a journey through time

Peratallada is a small village situated in the heart of Baix Empordà. It was declared a Historic-Artistic Group, because it is one of the nuclei of medieval architecture considered the most important and best conserved in Catalonia.

Peratallada’s history comes from the 10th century with diverse references to the Peratallada castle, who was the medieval building from which the population grew forming the village itself.


In Peratallada you will discover interesting monuments such as St. Steve’s church, dated from the beginning of the 13th century, the Homage Tower and the Peratallada palace which date from the 14th century.

Take a walk around and lose yourself in the labyrinthine stone street. Take a look at the castle that seems coming straight from a fairy-tale. See how the ivy never stops growing on the walls and windows everywhere, while imagining what it would have been like, to live in that period. In Peratallada it is possible to live unique scenes and imagine battles between knights, surrounded by bougainvillea.